About cattery

Our names are Elena and Victor Larin. We are breeders and owners of MAINE-COON cattery «GOLDEN FAMILY* RU».
We love animals very much, and always different animals lived in our house. But in the course of time we have realized what to study genetics, characters and habits of animals is pleasant to us very much. We have not noticed as began to be engaged in animal husbandry because the internal humanism did not allow even to an idea on sterilization of the favourites, they - members of family. We consider, that all should be natural, as the nature is conceived. And when we began to have females, they, naturally, began to give posterity. This process has appeared so disturbing and mysterious! It is divine and magical!!! And somehow all has turned out in itself.
We highly appreciate the work of biologists which stood up for cleanliness of breeds, deduced and improved new breeds. And we wanted to make the contribution to development of breeds and save in cleanliness, without impurity, even for those animals which live with us which we love, we know and we appreciate.
First we have registered our cattery of cats «Golden Family»  in WCF. And when have replaced breed and began to breed Maine-coon, have registered in FIFe by name «GOLDEN FAMILY*RU». FIFe is old, planing and conservativeAustria, International European system. All the animals which have born in our cattery, are necessarily brought in the uniform register in a database in FIFe. The strict control and record-keeping of this system meets our internal requirements.
All breeding animals are delivered from abroad: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, the republic of South Africa. Each breeder has a representation about breed though all we read the same standards, simply each of us places in own way accents and chooses the priorities, therefore Maine-coons are different in different catteries. We collected own genofund in conformity with the representation about breed.
All animals, leaving in our house, have full preselling preparation: at them are banished three times worms, they have two vaccinations including rabies, are processed by protective drops from external parasites. At will, kittens can be chiping. Each kitten has at itself the metrics (or pedigree), the veterinary passport of the international sample, the Instruction to the new owner which will prompt all the basic positions by growing of the animal. At will, some photos of the early childhood of the kid, in a digital format. And also, a gift set with pet foods on the first time. We guarantee information support. Also we give the recommendation for firms and the experts serving home favourites with whom we had old connections of cooperation.  
We support connections with many colleagues, but we want to tell especially about our colleagues and instructors - about our friends in Holland: Ploeger Yvonne and Harold. They are engaged in breeding more than 18 years and their experience is invaluable for us. The last autumn we stayed at them, changed breeding animals, have got acquainted with a number of the European breeders at which we got to ourselves new Coones or they - from us. It was interesting, fruitful and very pleasant trip, at the end of November there was a weather of the end of cool summer of an average strip of Russia! And on our native land was - 18 degrees. It was wonderful! And we are indefinitely grateful for all that good, that gave us Yvonne and Harold!!!
In August, 2005 we have bought a site of the ground in picturesque wood places of Foothills of Caucasus, in the south of Krasnodarski  Krai. We have taken out our mountain lions to more natural inhabitancy to them . We build big "Cat's House"! And our Maine-coons will soon walk on fresh mountain air, to admire wood birdies and to float in the spring ponds specially blocked for them. Now we come to Moscow only to distribute completely vaccinating kittens to their new owners.