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Maine Coon Standard.

Ah, Maine coons!

On one of the international cat show we have gone through a huge shock, having seen huge paws of a sleeping huge cat overhanging in pass!!! It was 11-months old Maine coon kitten!!!!! We had a SHOCK!!! But as it has appeared, the first meeting with Maine coon at all people occurs approximately equally, to some distinction in nuances … Later some months the first cat of Maine coon have appeared at us, in a year we had already four Maine coon cats, and we have understood, that Maine coons does not happen much! Now we do not know precisely, how many them at us … more than ten! And during the moment when there are the kittens, more than twenty! There are many versions of an origin of Maine coon breed. We adhere versions, as well as some our foreign colleagues, that Maine coon - the wild native cat of Northern America lived in mountains Kordeler 150 years ago, has been cultivated by fans of breed, nowadays unknown persons. When the family of ours Maine coon has grown, we have paid attention, that way of relations at them is pride, it is similar to family relations the lions from Savanna, only the predominating place is occupied a cat with strong character of the leader. But anjther stronger cat-leader can select it. Our supervision have proved to be true, when we began to correspond with Maine coon breeder with 20-years practice from Denmark. She too considers that Maine coons as Mountain Lions. All conflicts inside of family proceed, as though for fun, and have educational character. Maine coons do not conduct of serious fights by virtue of wisdom of mind. The new animal entered into family, gets accustomed without serious consequences for all: they are very correct and to not possess the aggression. And in relations with the person, the owner, Maine coon are so tender and delicate, so love him, that do not show even reflex aggression, even when the owner gives a tablet or does injections. Education of children occurs collectively: both males, and females consider as the duty to caress and to feed everyone by a passing kitten, not doing preferences. Though each mother precisely knows and distinguishes from others blood kittens. The nature has created them so wisely and harmoniously, has put in pawn such strong parent instinct and the genital mechanism, that the person needs to enjoy only contemplation of a life maine coon families. When Maine coon gets in the new house, the biggest inconvenience which he can feel loneliness. This is infinitely sociable and curious animal. Certainly, and  in due course it will get used to loneliness, but we recommend to take in family where there are other pets, or idle members of household, or to take pair unisex kittens. It will not disturb natural way of mentality of an animal, and will keep for you all many-sided nature of his character. Maine coon very clean animal, he always carefully looks after himself. He never defecates in a dirty toilet, therefore we recommend to use a filling agent for cat toilet, especially if you are not at home the long period. Because the filling agent quickly hides all smells, and a cat can be used by the toilet repeatedly. Let's talk about maine coon physiology. We consider, that Maine coon is very large, powerful, strong animal with massive skeleton and perfectly developed muscles, with the impressive sizes jaws and claws, with a silk wool of deferent length, preferably, with brushes on ears like a lynx, dense bunches from ears and between small pillows of paws, a smart raccoonlike tail, huge clever eyes and gentle thin voice, not for his size. Maine coon combines incongruous: a kind of a wild animal and a gentle peaceful character.

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(FIFe-Standart; General Part - (ÌÑÎ-1/3) in edition from 01.01.2002ã.) the Description of the standard

The Maine COON is a natural breed of amiable character that traces its origing to the working cat found on the farms of Northern America.


the Scale of points

Head: 40
General form, the form of a nose, a cheek and a muzzle, a jaw and a teeth, a forehead, a chin 25
Form and arrangements of ears 10
Form and an arrangement of eyes 5
Body: 35
Form, the size, bone structure, legs{foots}, the form of paws 25
Form and length of a tail 10
Coat: 20
Quality and structure 10
Length 10
Condition: 5
All points: 100

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Maine Coon Standart