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You'r on the site for the people loving cats! You'r on the site about the cats loving people! And also on the site about our dogs!))) Here you can get acquainted with the biggest house cat , native breed of the North America: MAINE-COON, and as with a dog-bodyguard breeds: Italian CANE-CORSO.
We simply love the Dogs of cane-corso breed, and we not only love the maine-coons cats, we also breed its))). Our cattery continues the old natural lines going from the basis of breed. We are not engaged mixed new tipe maine-coon lines since we do not consider their thoroughbred. All must understand a difference.

We are breedind of cats for a long time, 24 years, and from them, 14 years we are engaged in breeding work on fastening and preservation of pedigree signs of unique native breed of Maine-coon in its primordial form what her was created by the nature-mother. They are majestic shaggy good-natured giants with powerful skeleton, a spacious intellect and an aggression total absence. The main thing in maine-coon is a powerful working cat, with massive skeleton, with harmoniously developed muscles, with the wide developed thorax, with enormous paws, with proportionally large head, topped with classical brushes on ears, with the strong square jaws, dressed in magnificent fur coat of different length , it is a wild natural cat. This cat havethe highest intelligence by nature and the skill to communicate which has developed as a result the pride of a way of life Maine-coon in the nature, it is not capable to aggression to the person.
We recognise only classical interpretation of standards of breed, and completely we reject any innovations in type, so favourite in the majority of catteries of Europe and Russia, and as experts of all European systems conducting aggressive imposing to breeders the new types. We do not share opinions of breeders-experimenters which considers old native breed with the settled lines in a development stage (it it is necessary!!!), and publicly express on the sites that they are assured that they, as "professionals", and our way they are simply megalomania, will make breed brighter and made (!!!) Their self-conceit has so grandiosely read off scale that they put the experiments above creations of the Nature, Above creations Supreme!!! They wish to make initially ideal breed more "perfect" (!!!) ??? They want unique appearance and natural harmony of maine-coon where there is nothing superfluous, there is nothing hypertrophied, to make "brighter"????!!!!! Truly, the human nonsense blinded by own EGO is boundless!!!!
Not to be depending on opinions of the European experts, in the end of 2008, we have re-registered our cattery in old American system CFA.
Besides fastening and preservation of the given type and reception of strong healthy posterity, our breeding work is conducted in several directions. One of the main things - creation of the rare "gold" color, closing a circle of descendants from different directions round the foundress of color - our beauty Li-Loo, a golden turtle - using safe linear imbreeding. And though we cannot brag still that the constancy in births of "gold" kittens has achieved, but individual gold-bearing little maine-coons already are. We work and on creation favourite color is calico, so-called, three-coloured exclusively female color. This is a scrappy turtle without drawing, with large red both black or blue and cream stains of a raincoat, with quantity white to 20 %. And at us it began to turn out lately!))) as, we do not exclude thus all favourite classical color: black and red tabby.
In the course of breeding work there are kittens - kunjashki-sarming)))) If kittens of Maine-coon interest to you, communicate, please, with us. The contact data on page "Contacts". Do not forget, to familiarise, with our conditions on page "KITTENS", above, under the reference: "Choosing at us a kitten, you should know..." If we can entrust you a life small beings of this unique breed, we will tell how to become the competent owner of this small MIRACLE!)))
The cattery contains on personal means of owners and for donations. If you had a desire to bring the feasible mite in business of development of this surprising breed at us in Russia, we and ours will be sincerely grateful to you!!!)))))))

We Wish you pleasant viewing!

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