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On tenderness and love to the owners of the second such to not find!!! We name him: "cat on body " - he lives on body of the person! When we are at home - he always beside and if we were absent more hour,he meeting us at an entrance, rises on back paws, lobbies embraces for a neck and kisses directly on lips! To tell the truth, long bear this intolerable procedure anybody cannot - language, as a rasp! But it is emotions, and in breeding work to him is not present equal, he has presented us weight of outstanding children! In infancy the cattery owner considered male cat as female cat, and after registration of kittens, house called him Dystrophy-cat, he was the smallest male Kitten in comparison with three brothers and the sister, but by a year he has overtaken all! And today we did not see more largly a cat of breed Maine Coon, than our favourite and our pride!!! When the cat couple he weight is 8-10 kg, when he has a rest and eaten off, he weight is 12 kg!
Our Red-Sun is 7 years and 10 months old.
And he still our most-most the most favourite!!!
Most most the most beautiful!!!
Most the cleverest!!! More cleverly many, considering Homosapiens)))
For the still very short life our Handsome man has won so much admirers that to us during a time to open his Fan-lub)))
The most beautiful children were born at us from him))) And now at us his two 1,5-one-year-old grandsons grow up)))
On foto male cat is 5 years old! Not the boy, but the man! MALE CAT IS CLOSED FOR IS VISCOUS OUTSIDE OF OUR NURSERY.
Terrible kind, but kind heart.
Heavy step!
The face aggravated by intelligence!
Amazing! Wild! The cleverest!
All favourite!!!!!!!
Male kitten experienced. He is 3 years & 1 month old.
The instructor and the pupil.
My passionate love!
You tried to hold in the extension Coon-boy in 3 years old?
Predator has left on hunting - on a camera! He is 2 years and 11 months old.
Sh-sh-sh, silently!!! The birdy now will take off!
Rest in a chaise lounge on a decline.
- Cat, to eat you want? - No!
On the nature ideas come to a head on philosophical themes only!...
Only hum of a bee distracts!
Will well luxuriate in last beams of the autumn sun!
And a tail I shall warm!
Our boy is 2 years and 8 months old.
Mum, I was lost!
On hunting! The wind blows off!!!
Tch! The Tiger prepares for a solving jump...
Tendernesses Cat's!
And for what at you such big teeth!
Firm a step!Sight chilling to a soul!
Our baby is 2 years old, I have compressed a teeth, but I consult!
Boy is 1 year 2 munths old on the foto. Clever sight.
Proud structure.
Hussar moustaches - our pride! 1 year 2 munths
1 years and 2 months - he can make rids (!!!) and the head has spread in breadth!
Interview for TV.
On comparison we are twice larger, though the contender is more senior!)))
Second day Cats Show. 1 year 1,5 munths
Cats Show 24-25.12.05
Best of Opposite Sex!
Best In Show!
Not iasy to sit into the cage!
The first Cat's Show! 6,5 munths old.
Already the spirit grasps, up to what is beautiful! 6 months.
It is sweet sleep, my Kid! 6 months.
Here such fiery sun at me in hands! 5 months.
Here what long! 5,5 months.
Ears grow more quickly or brushes? 3 months.
My red happiness!!! 3 months.
Stap, stap, you will soon grow! 2 months.
The small barin's son! 2 months.
Small, and already knows, what he beautiful! 2 months old.
Here such solar 1,5 monthly miracle!
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