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Mother - ATHABASKE'S LEYVA (Has died)
Father - Bravo Krasniy Dar*RU

Eureka, and houses of simply Varvara, she not remains in our cattery, she soon will leave for the new house of our friends. She will live near to Black sea, will enjoy a sea breeze and to luxuriate in warm solar baths!
Varvara is 1 year and 8 months old, and to her kittens-first-borns is 1,5 months old.
And how to you feeding mum?
She has a long tail!
If it is fair, mum - as the girl!
Eureka is 5 months old.
Here is how our girl has grown!
Eurika was born at us. 1,5 months.
Dusia will live in the house of our friends on the Black sea!
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