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Ontario Arturia*RU

Mother - The Addams Kimi
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Antoshka (Ontario Arturia*RU) was born from Kimi and Tigrusha. We are glad, that this huge handsome man will give continuation of in your future kittens! Now he lives in Moscow.
Tosha is one and a half year old! We grow! We reach manhood!
Sight already adult, and itself still a kitten!
Were pulled by paws and ears!
The sweet boy, with wonderful soft customs!
Not the boy, but the husband! Ontario is 1 years & 4 months old.
He still absolutely a kitten! But as difficultly him to hold!
- I not the coward, but me guard something!
Do not approach!... I am the adult! At least I so think!
Antosha grows, he is 1 year old.
The boy loves toys!
Antosha is 4 months old.
Look, what clever face!
Antosha is 3 months old.
The cat was extended.
Antosha is 1,5 months old.
However, we already big!
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