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Mother - Mirabella GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

Maks has moved to live to Vladikavkaz and to him there it was pleasant!!! His wonderful rare color reminding a cream cloud, has very much liked Olga and her family! The Coon-kitten has easily made friends with the child and with the old four-footed inhabitant of the house - the castrated cat!
Max is two years old, and destiny him has thrown together with family from Vladikavkaz already in Khabarovsk!!!
and his teacher like to play together))
To cat has carried: he is a nurse, and at him nurses)))
What for to children of a toy? In fact at them is Maine Coon - the best toy, besides alive!!!
Max is 1,5 years old.
The pale Chinese))
Night has come, to sleep it is time to children!
Children's pleasure, cat's happiness!!!
We render habitable the new house, a new stove bench!
The house and new family suit taste!
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