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Mother - Venice Krasniy Dar*RU
Father - Assiris GOLDEN FAMILY*RU

Murusia (Irida GOLDEN FAMILY*RU) as it seemed to us, shows presence of gold. We very much would like it! In fact she is a grand daughter our gold Li-Loo, we leave her in hope to receive in descendants desired gold! She live at our frends.
Silent meditation... Moorusia is 2 years old.
Sweet dream!
Female cat very tender kitty, but not is glad to each cat!
Moorusai becomes angry!
The girl does not joke!
Serious cat!
Murusia is 4 months old.
Beauty unwritten!
Irida is 3 months old.
And here the kid has grown!
Our beauty is 2 months old.
Super photo model!
Kitty has 1 month old.
The first photosession, first steps on a podium.
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