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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

This remarkable child has remained with us not only because of the good sizes, gentle cream - violet color, in a tender age, but we believe in her on an embodiment of our breeding program: stable reception of gold in posterity! The girl lives happily at our friends!
Our Cream Miracle has grown in 10 monthly Fantastic!
All the young kitty is good!!!
Upon photosession itself has thrust!
Began to pose, showing itself from different directions!
... To make eyes - in an objective!
... Accepted graceful regal poses, laying on a box!
... Made the sweet face!
... Has dismissed a fan the a miracle--tail!
... Towered on a throne!
... Anticipated the triumph!
And photosession has gone right on glory!
Ura-a-a-a!!! I - the Best Cream Beauty!!!
To her Highnes of "Cream Tenderness" 3,5 months were executed!
Cream bohemia!
To the baby 1,5 months, she as a cream cloud, air, gentle!
Cocoa with milk!)))
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