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Mother - Gloria GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

This letter received by us 10.01.10 from owners of kittens, Anzhelita and Maxim. Very much it would be desirable to divide good emotions! " Speaking frankly, we are simply happy, that in our family there were these two surprising creations. They ours fairy tales since thought earlier that such happens only in fairy tales:) it appears is not present... :) We have given Harry house name Persei or tenderly Persik, for us he is the sun in our house, very tender, sociable child. Even now, when I write this letter to you, he lays on a table and assists me to make the message to you. Persik is the first assistant in all affairs, very inquisitive, even curious. I can tell, that he has changed after has got used to us. It{he} sleeps exclusively with us and exclusively on a pillow as well as we :) And Edgar, as continuation of his body, look like sausage... :)) Both of them have strongly grown up, about 9-10 kg everyone. Edgar, we call him Milan in our family  or charm  is tender Milashenka, he always beside. He is very modest, refined boy. Cheerful, fervent, as well as the Persik very much likes to assist on the house, his favourite business is a washing floors and driving on a mop. It is very amusing. They exchange words with each other and with us is simply improbable. Who told that about savanna, it is exact. So is able to do{make} oursmilashechka. It is unique. With each other they are friends, happen certainly and fights, but not such terrible. They all boys also grow.. You look At a photo as quiveringly they concern to each other. And in general they very peace and friendly and in game with us never forget that at them sharp claws and a greater teeth. It is improbable, but the fact if there are precedents absolutely casual and not because they wanted it. I noticed usually, such behaviour at dogs, but at cats... It with me for the first time. With them we never miss. They the perfect absolute creations. Very clever and sharp. In our family they full members of family and we to them concern very quiveringly. As we also spoke you, after their occurrence we in three months have moved to the new big house. Here they place where to clear up. We plan to make to him the catshouse in the summer on a balcony with tunnels, hammocks, platforms, etc. Huge to you Thanks for wonderful Boys!!! We do not cease to be pleased!!! In our house became doubly more warmly and more cosy. About our children I can write and speak infinitely, but I think it is necessary to finish the letter. At us a huge portfolio with our children, I send you which that on a choice. Even to me it was difficult to make it. Once again thanks. Sincerely, Family Vetluginyh Anzhelika, Maxim, the Peach and Milan :)) "
Persik is 1,5 years old, and he puts on airs!
The barin have a rest!
Oh and it is difficult to hold him! We know!
The top is subdued!
Worthy - worthy!
Always together!
What has this rascal conceived?
Yes, he has simply left in himself))
Persik is 9 months old!
The boy - a copy the daddy!
If to not know, that it is the Persik, it is possible to think, that Tigrusha!
Already together in a bowl are not located))
It is tired, falls asleep!
Children's game!
The window sill is already narrowish.
And here a bowl on the size!
Handsome man!
Favourite vacation spot!
Sweet couple!
The first month in the new house.
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