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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Better the mistress all the same you will not tell! Here that Elena writes about the favourite: " Hello! We send the regards from us and Dallas! It is all excellent at us. The cat is wonderful! His education is very please us! And his character is  "cat-dog", it's realy  that I searched! Thanks you Big for our boy! The boy grows. The truth we weigh only 8 kg, but the summer residence at us is not present, and on the house will not run about as there. Here also does not eat it is a lot of, time energy to not be spent. There is he has begun both vegetables, and salads, we love a mayonnaise sauce and shrimps! For them he seems is ready to sell soul!!!))) have hung up to him a carpet on a corner of a wall, from a floor up to a ceiling, and now he on him flies up... Everyone are surprised, what he all the same big in comparison with usual cats! And so it is pleasant to hear it))) the Truth his voice appeared, and now very talkative...)))) But his voice is thin... And you will not think, that shouts such "elefant-chald"!))) For this year he began to trust us more, behaved well, did not ill. I send you a photo. marry Cristmos and happy new year, Elena and Victor! Health, well-being, success and all most-most!!!! "
The boy has matured! Dallas is 1?5 years old.
Sight of an animal!
- And owners sleep on a carpet!
- Well... Sometimes and I sleep on sheep a laying ((
And in one and a half year the cat plays as the kid!
However, laying on a back))
"Birdy" in a teeth)))
Song of a victory!
Dallas in the new house! He is 6 months old.
As the world head over heels is interesting!
Has dozed off.
I surrender!
Axiom: the sum of width of two paws is equal to width of a head. Therefore it is teased)))
To the boy is 3 months old!
To this lovely Kid is 1,5 months old!
He knows, that he is lovely, and consequently not on age is coquettish))
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