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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Simona and Boriusik have moved to Moscow, in Julia and Alexander's big and amicable large family! As a result, children, and dog-girl, and parents, and Connes-children, all are happy both!!!
Boriusik is 1 year old! And intimate drops not for him, but for comparison of the sizes)))
We have a rest behind a curtain, but curiosity does not give rest)))
But the dream with favourite is more sweet!
Two serenly sleeping angels!
And Boriusik's 11-th month has fallen to a great bath!
But what now a handsome man!
And certainly, favourite vacation spot - a bowl in bathing!!!
It to him just right!
Kittens gently look after one after another!
People can envy them only!
The cat's idyll!
The pillow is soft!
Boriusik together with Simona have moved to the new house in the age of 9 months.
And it has very much helped them! They have entered into the new house, as in native!
To sleep softly and it is spacious!
To play is with what and with whom!
Also feed with meat much!!!
And Boriusik has understood - this house is good for Coon's life!
And friendship with a dog has found practical applications!
And it is soft, and under protection!))
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