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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Casper grew at us very favourite child, and we very carefully chose to him the owner. And such mistress necessary to the good kid has appeared - the young inhabitant of Kiev Uleeya absolutely enamoured in all alive on ground! Therefore Casper has arrived to the house where up to him there lived two adult castrated cats, two rodents, family of field mice, big dog and family from 4 person! And all members of household at once have fallen in love with a kitten! And for good behaviour through a floor of year to him have brought Penelopa - a red beauty from our cattery! Now at him full happy family!!!! Or not... And, Uleeya?
Casper is 1,5 years old. Serious Coon!
The tender giant!
Casper is 11 months old. He in a shock - him have taken out on a summer residence!
The kid has become puzzled and was almost lost!
But later time, has accustomed))
Has looked round...
And it was pleasant to him!!!))))
Occupied a master's armchair))
All family was is glad to a cat!
Children could not divide a cat!Caressed him by turns!
Relaxation in a shadow!
Casper is 10 months old, he has noticeably grown and has grown up!
The boy of oars also is playful!
He has learned the girl-friend "to get" rodents...
And they very cheerfully spend time behind this employment that you will not tell about mice!
Kittens always together!
Play about, play, do not miss)))
But Casper the true gentleman, always concedes toys to lady!
Though on former sleeps with the reception daddy))
To Casper have brought the bride, small beauty Penelopu)))
That will not strike the face in a dirt, the cat has climbed in a basin and has begun to wash!
Casper is 6 months old, and he is quite happy with a life in the new house!
He has well recovered, approximated, has typed kgs))
Field mice and other rodents sincerely were not glad to the new tenant!
But they caused unhealthy interest in Casper!))
Casper has left for Kiev and has got in very interesting house full of animals!
Two adult eunuches have accepted a kitten, as the native son)))
To Casper 3,5 months, he grew a correct, powerful kitten!
Heavy square chin - our pride!
Casper is 1,5 months old, very cheerful kid!))
Terribly sweet child!!!
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