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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Penelopa has arrived to the house where Casper has already accustomed, she has quickly accustomed to a society of three male cats and as it is necessary, has taken in hand reins of government of pride!
Solar Hare is 7 months old!
The girl powerful, characteristic, a copy of the daddy!
Her heavy chin emphasizes a square of a box!
And the magnificent fur coat does the young kitty by easier beauty!
The child have lifted, but have not woken!
For a dream at everyone the plank bed!
Zaika carries in a teeth balls!
Toy mice!
To the kid of 6 months, and she has already accustomed.
For similarity to a young lion from an animated cartoon It is her name is Leva))
In 5 months of the Penny, having arrived to the new house, at once has gorged on.
Then has slept off.
Also has woken up Queen - one lady on three gentlemen!
Also has there and then got to search for milk))
Casper at once has declared: "She is mine!"
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