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Mother - Gloria GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Majestic Olympus together with beauty Pomela in the new house have been welcomed and warmly. Two adult castrated cats at once have adopted and have adopted kids and have surrounded with their care.  Maria has named Pomela - Tigrusha, and subsequently she has regenerated in Tigrulia, and Olimp became the Lion - Leova!
Tsar! Simply tsar! To His Majesty of 11 months old.
Again paparazy a dream have disturbed!
All have got on a rack - the dog has come on a visit))
Last piece will select!
To not pour water!
- A back warm!
Regal pose of Coones! To the adolescent of 6 months.
And here the meal is obtained by whom as can!
Together we play!
Together also we sleep!
To the kid is 5 months old, in the new house he has got under "wing" of the senior colleague.
Stress removed a general dream!
Nothing disturbs a dream of the kid.
On a sofa places suffice all!
The handsome man has played enough and has laid down to have a rest))
From games up to a dream - one step))
And here in 3,5 months - the Olympus, as mountain!
Ruffle up the robust fellow!
The kid 1,5 months , and on shooting all frightens the child ((
Both flash blinds, and the rattle guards, and with a birdy have deceived (((
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