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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Beauty Pomela has left for the new house with the Stately Olymp where they were friendly met by two adult castrated cats. It has turned out mini- pride as it is necessary, with unique Queen in the head!
Queen of pride is 11 months old!
And she always up to the mark! All sees, all keeps up!
Here such marvellous tail!!!
Here such width!!!
Every man for himself! All upward!!!
Simply on a visit the dog has come!)))
In the big family it is necessary to share!
Disassemblies under a umbrella!
Sweet couple!
She always from above!
The game-kitty is 6 months old!
Leova and Tigrulia are always together!
The pussycat always wins struggle, but the gentleman always gives in)))
But, when he sleeps, she protects him!
Pomela & Olymp accustom to the new house by means of a collective dream!
Painted marble beauty!
Fountain of moustaches!
Tigrusha has won a toy lion!
Solar Hare is 3 months old!
Floret scarlet!
To the baby 1,5 months, and for her the world is full surprising!
Therefore also eyes such loud!
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