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Mother - Tien-Shan GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Sezam should remain with us. But the mistress of our graduate Baj Dee (I'Diamond) so has strongly fallen in love with the baby, that we have conceded to her the beauty. Certainly, only because we sympathize with that family where the house of animals is full, and to everyone in home it is good! There it is remarkable itself feels also ours Coones, both huge Scotish fold and the big white American bulldog! All are very amicable, all are favourite, overfed and spoilt!!!
The kid is 10 months old. Him to not find out!
He grows and varies every day!
The true woman: to the man in a mouth looks!
Lullaby favourite!))
Sweet couple!
Harmony of a marble with a tiger))
To cat have brought the girl-friend! Sleep well directly, as the husband and the wife!
Already across a sofa it is not found room!
Evening sleepiness on a full stomach!
Russian game in claps in a palm.
To play? It is lazy!
To be photographed? Laziness!
What does he whisper on an ear to the friend?
And in fact that answers!!!
Give, the friend, I shall massage you!
And a tummy?
Greater love of big dogs and the big cat!
Mum loves a small hare!))
Everyone wish to be photographed)))
The senior son it is proud and carefully holds a valuable animal!
Younger too responsibly concerns to process!
Work hard! Here so it is easier!))
The kid is 3 months old, and in two weeks he will depart on the north to the new house.
- Who the most sweet child? - I am!!!
To the small robust fellow 1,5 months old.
Fur lump!)))
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