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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

In August of the last year the cat has left for the new house in the Moscow large family. We very much worried for the kid. All thought, how he adapts in conditions where small children, in fact he for a floor of year of a life did not know the first, that people happen children. Our fears were not vain, during the first moment the cat has very much become puzzled, especially, when the younger child very loudly expressed the children's pleasure at a kind of a kitten. But has not passed also a floor of year as Willy has accustomed, has accepted all members of family and became favourites of all members of household. We are glad, that to a cat it is good in HIS house)))))
Boy is surprised! He is 10,5 months old.
The boy grows!
The kid widely opened eyes looks at the world!
Very tender, gentle, clever!
And in the inheritance from the Daddy - it is stately graceful!
The cat's hunting instinct is already shown!
Has fluffed up the teenage magnificent fur coat!
Young cat cheerful and playful!
Morning singing, the note "do"!
And now above, the note "see"!
It is dazzling the child en face is beautiful!
But also in a structure will not concede - perfection!
Where the tail has got to?
The boy obedient!
We pose!
We listen to a fairy tale!
Give, we shall play!
Jump, and mousy in a teeth!
You will not leave, the artful mouse!
In the new house he looks is more adult)))
Gets acquainted with small little men)))
Masters possession!
Also sleeps off from road!
The kitten is 6,5 months old, and today he will depart to Moscow, in the new house!
And he plays a toy with small kittens)))
This clever child is 3,5 months old.))
His inquisitiveness is not present a limit!
This mischievous person is 2 months old!
Snow lump in a smoke!
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