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Mother - Jenabeau's Bluebelle
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

This smoky miracle has left from us for 4,5 months in the house of our good friends in city the Goriachiy Kluch. The kid love madly!!! He lives about a bowl with meat, and to him hardly have time to cut a new portion of a favourite dish!!! By a year the Kid has increased 12 kg!!!!!! He is pleasant for taking in hands!!! When  you hold him, heart fades with happiness!!!!!!!!
We on a visit at Chaplin!!! He is 3 years old, and his weight of 14,5 kg!!!!!!!
The boy grows at a refrigerator where for him always there is a meat!)))
He adores the second mum!))
And mum in delight from the full favourite, after all the child just attempted, the paunch of a cat is filled!
Mum has learnt Chapa to speak "Mum", and now learns a cat to dance attendance))))
It is love!!!
That you will not tell about this couple!))
He for her is too huge, and she for him too temperamental))
Well, and it is my emotions!!! Here it is sausage!!!)))
And to stretch him simply there are no forces!!!!!!!!!!!
But what sweet this gloomy baby!!!)))))))))))
To squeeze him simply high!))))
On hands he as the well-fad one-year-old baby!))
Sits on handles, looks around around!))
Quiet, weakened, a miracle that for the kid!)))
Not to describe mine delight and affection! Thanks, Svetochka, for faultless care of our graduate!!!
Terrible sight - kind heart! On foto: Kid is 1 years and 4 months old.
" To go on 2-nd floor, or directly here to have a sleep? "
The owner is proud of the pupil!
The cat has chosen the owner of the successor))
Mum-wet nurse adores the shaggy child!
The sizes of the boy is her merit!
However, to lift him on hands - not a simple problem!
Not female business - a cat to take on handles!
To the boy is 3,5 months old, and he already very large kid!
He very tender, constantly purring child!
Handsome man web-footed)))
- Who the first behind meat? - I'm!!!!!!!!
Angelic character, clever eyes! The kid for kisses)))))
Tail - a question!
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