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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

This charming cat has left from us for 6,5 months to Dallas, USA, to restore worthy livestock of Maine Coons on the native land of his ancestors. To him the enormous turn was built on are viscous, but we while shall wait a little with brides, we grow, we increase weight! Expensively marble beef in day eats greedily 1 kg!!! By a year the cat has increase  10,5 kg - weight not the biggest, but rather solid! The cat has chosen the owner the head of the family, and refuses to eat, while that on business trip. While the cat lives in states, in his new family the second son was born, and the cat became excellent the nurse for human the child! In fact he has already grown up the first successor)))
Our Peter American is 6 years and 2 months old!
Its hes sixth Christmas in the USA!
The story from the USA. The name: "to Whom on Texas to live!" Characters: a cat is 3 years & 9 months old and two Russian cowboys. Chapter 1: ... Nothing foretold "thunder-storms"...
Well, unless so! And I love it!)))
All right, well! I will allow you slightly on me to sit...
And here, to send on errands me is superfluous, I'm not a horse, I"m the cat!
And it absolutely to what! Though I and striped. But not a mattress!!!
Children, let's live in peace and friendship!
Hey, there above!!!! You can and the equestrian, but I a cat!!!
Oh! It is hardly live! Hardly was on the lam from these gangsters!!!
The delightful American native is 2 years and 5 months old!
Second pupil Petruha's grows up))
Big Cat on the historical native land is cooled in a heat in a bowl)) On a photo 1 year and 9 months!
Happy family - new Petruha's praid))
More soon to grow to an eye! Kid is 3 year old, cat is 9 vjnths old.
Tables it is measured in Coones))
In hands of the Owner on the American ground. To the immigrant of 6,5 months old.
Moustached nurses))
The first day in the USA! Petruha is 6,5 months old.
Long flight for ocean has strongly tired also a cat and his owner.
To sleep it would be desirable))
The dream has pulled hard imperceptibly))
The boy is 3 months & 1 week old.
Faultless structure, box! Powerful paws! Precise figure! It is not a shame to us such to send to the USA!
Wide nose bridge - the mortgage of the good sizes of a head in the future))
This thick kid very much likes to attempt)))
To this big-eyed lump is 1,5 months old))
The kid is clever and curious not on years))
The robust fellow very playful))
Now will make a goal!
Baby is 1 month old.
He - the largest kitten in litter.
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