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Mother - Gloria GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

This gentle child always reminded an light pink cloud! Here him also has brought far on the West from the Native land! The Boy has departed to live to Paris! He long time avoided the two-year-old child, but later 4 months they have made friends! Together play, arrange the disorder, more truly, arrange the order, and amuse family! Xenia is owner of a cat she speaks, that never saw such tender, sociable and sincere cat!!!
Paris! Paris attracts! And here you sit and you read the boring novel ((( On photo Shopen is almost 1 year old.
Living in Paris cat Shopen prefers only the French spirits))
The cat grows up and pleases the mistress with cheerful and sociable customs)))
New Year in Paris - a fairy tale!!!
The first rash step in the Parisian apartment))) On foro: cft is 8 months old.
The cat has measured all apartment itself))
And so it was fitted)))
And here so... The Size of an apartment suitable)))
To the rascal 3,5 months old and ithe very playful kitten))) On a photo: in the native house.
The sweet child, on a photo simply obedient
Baby is 2 months and 1 week old, he is very clever boy!
The child for kisses!!!)))
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