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Mother - Olive-Wood Arturia*ru
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Kity is very large heavy cat with powerful skeleton with very big charm! Not looking at external severity, she very cheerful and playful little girl, even after that became mum! Well and the most important, her "garbage" color is our weakness))) She is 1 year old & 7 kg! 15.04.10 Esmiralda was lost from an asthma from a sting of a bee in a throat. To her two daughters-orphans is 2 months old are equal. WE GRIEVE AFTER IT{HER} INCONSOLABLY!!! ((((((
Kity is good Mum of two daughters))). She is 1year & 1,5 months old.
Cat on a window.))
She is serious lady!
Girl in a sleepiness))
" Well I do not like to be removed!!! "
Young lady is 3 months old, therefore she such important!
"That you stand shaking, the Thin Birch! "
Eyes - lakes!
Beauty with a long tail))
Small coquettish model))
Sweet kid is 2 months old!
The child for kisses)))))
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