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Mother - Jenabeau's Lucille
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Gentle, blue-cream, large, tender - the child of whom we not simply dreamed, we raved such color! She has not had time to be born, as Victor has told: " Ur! My cat here was born! " She not only tremendous color, but also is the largest in litter. Certainly, boys have then overtaken her in sizes, but not in beauty heavenly!!! In a year the beauty weighed 6,9 kg. THE KITTY IS TRANSFERRED IN YOUNG NURSERY FOR BREEDING WORK, AND NOW SHE LIVES AT OUR FRIENDS IN THE CHITA.
Female cat is 1 year old! Happy birthday, Beauty!
The daddy congratulates the favourite!
Male kity has thought, how to her to note the Birthday?...
... Also has decided to arrange to itself a holiday of Love!
Beauty is 3 months old.
The kitty blossoms not on days, and on hours!
Baby is 1,5 months old.
The toy kitty!
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