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Mother - Tien-Shan GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Color of this kitty - dream of all our life!!! We did not hope at all, that the pussycat - will be not only her embodiment, but also will grow up in such enormous and magnificent beauty! By a year the female cat has collected 6,7!!! But to us has not carried, the kitty and could not become mum. She is sterilized, and now brings up two daughters of the new owners of, our young friends, bringing in the house a cosiness and happiness!))))))
On a photo to the kitty-beauty of 6,5 months old.
Bright contrast fur coat - a subject of pride of young lady and ours!!!
Her face with a seal of intelligence!
Though a picture draw, though a statue model!
Stateliness of aristocracy is visible in all!
Has paraded a paw!
And these photos it is remarkable jrfpsdf.n gentle customs of the kitty...
... And friendliness of character!
Portrait of Lady-Perfection.
And at last melodious "Chao!"
Baby is 1,5 months, but she to herself knows the price!
Her cheerful nature is worthy to the Print Holiday of her order!
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