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Mother - Jenabeau's Bluebelle
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Prince of blue blood! Dreamboat! The grey wolf! A tender and gentle animal! The Rascal! All these epithets concern to our favourite. Besides all his breeding qualities, it is the charming, gentle, clever, loveful, cheerful little man in the cat's appearance! We are happy with development of a kitten: while on weight parameters and the size the son slightly advances the father. In connection with a new policy of cattery the seal has moved to young Petersburg cattery. He very much was pleasant to the new holders, and has easily got accustomed in the new house thanks to love and attention of Poliny and her family. It was not easy to us to leave 2,5 summer favourite, but it is necessary to be divided by worthy manufacturers with perspective catteries. It is not a shame to us with such manufacturer!
Our younger male cat is 2 years and 7 month old. He has left in S.Peterburg in young cattery.
The boy grows roots on a new place.
Male cat has amazed in the sizes and tender character of new owners.
And though to new the house had to get used, the seal felt at once the King!
The fascinated owners have surrounded with the big love and care of the new pupil.
In its new kingdom it has now two young princesses!
And, the main thing, at it in what now there are no competitors!
It simply Tsar!
Also sleeps on silk feather-beds!
The seal is happy also all is happy!)))
To our younger manufacturer 2 years and 1 month old. And anybody yet does not know that soon the seal will move to the new house...
The kid has grown and was extended in all the sides)))
Clever sight!
Proud structure!
The cat knows, that is beautiful, here and imagines))
Importance at him from grandfather Chempa GOLDEN FAMILY (Netherland).
But, as well as in the childhood, he the cheerful and playful child!
Playful and fervent.
Coquettish and favourite)))
Male cat reachs manhood! He is 11 months old.
- Start up on street!
The eyes, surprised to the world!
- Dry, dry, a cat's a tail!
Dady's gait!!!
Male cat is big! He is 7,5 months old!
At the sweet gawk banters Beauty:
- Hey, you, the arrogent man! You Were bespotted by a porridge!
Now I shall clean! And you, a trifle, do not climb, when seniors talk!
To male kitten is 7 months old and he already walks, where walked only adult cats earlier!
To male kitten is 7 months old and he already walks, where walked only adult cats earlier!
A little terribly, but it is terribly interesting!
Frightens all around, but curiosity wins!
In fact the daddy will not give the son in insult!
- Chu! Hear? There someone cries! Calls to the aid! A voice so a sign!
- Favourite!!! In bondage? Do not long! I shall get out you!
- Now to the aid I shall call...
- And it that for the beauty? And immediately the darling is forgotten for ever.
To the boy of 6 months old from a sort!
And what coquettish our fantastic a bear!
Luxury of a tail, angelic sight!
Square box, smart brushes!
The sight of a wild animal chilling to a soul!
Pride of a bearing! All has managed to show! Knows, that it is beautiful!
- To me 5,5 months old! What?! Again to be removed?!!
- And however, please! Where at you a birdy?
Male kitten is 2,5 months old!
And he already is able to pose before a camera!
Ah-yes the clear head, ah-yes a handsome man!
The doll child!
Thick paws, gait waddlingly! The Bear cub! Well also that, that blue!
And on a vertical he moved dexterously, as the bear cub on trees!
To the kid 1,5 months, and he has not understood, what for him blind flash?
Has taken offence! It is very dissatisfied!
How adults use paws?
Oh! Has gone! Urą!!! It has turned out!
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