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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Frant absolutely the kid has left in the new house! He has carried! He has acquired not only loving and careful Mum-Sveta, but the remarkable friend and the nurse of the Persian cat of Simba!!! His colour is very beautiful golden-colour though officially its experts did not recognise. But what his years! Becouse, Mum named the child Oscar!!! She loves it immensely and is proud of its Victories at the Cat's Shows!!!)))
Oscar has grown till the solid sizes (1 year and 5 months).
And at him shaking the colour simply gilt))
Once at Cat's Show the expert has told: it not the cat with a tail, it is a tail with the cat!
Oscar is proud of the property)))
And skilfully shows the treasure!
Here what long this striped "lace")))
Silk fur coat!
Cleaning! Give me a vacuum cleaner!
So Coones sleep in the nature.
On a bed cats, and the mistress on a rug at a door sleep.
It that for a grey animal has hidden under the battery?
Pose firm, hereditary))
He is beautiful not only en face, but also in a fullface!
Oh! What tasty bait!
Before solo it would be necessary to wet a throat!
- Do, re, mee, fa, sol, laa...
It seems, I have sung the note!
To me to eat than be proud!
Toy? To me?
Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes I already big!
And however, give!
In my arsenal not only a teeth, but also claws impressive!
I a terrible, terrible, wild animal! 1 years and 2 months.
Mum! I have caught a mouse for a dinner!!!
We pull-will pull...
Here so turnip have extended!))
I again in a cage, so at Csat's Show((((( 02.04.11
Examination... And again the VICTORY! Oscar has closed a title "CHAMPION"!!!
And again Cat's Show, and again photosession. 6-7.03.2011.
Oscar has grown up, it is simply irresistible!!!
And impudent hands rummage on a body...
Cat's Show is nectar for an ego of people, but is torments for cats!
Horror of a kitten at Show Cat's first in life! 29-30.01.2011
Coon in a cage - a sad show (((
But experts have fun!
Inconsiderately feel, where want...
Here to exchange with them in the sizes and roles)))
And to feel experts in the same place!!!
Terribly! The first professional photosession! 10 months.
Mr. photographer, can it is not necessary??
No, no pleasure is present in shooting! (((
And I can is simple not in mood!
Lion's mane!!! 8,5 months.
And it is a raccoon-like tail!
Panties, as at a bear!
- So who I? - You !!!!
The firm Daddy's pose is inherited by the son)) 8 months.
Speak, Coones speak much!
Long live a shower! (7,5 months).
The fresh washed up cat!
The boy grows and "puts on"! 7 months.
And again the Daddy's page heats soul))
Sadly! Can have a sleep?
I will take a nap ake at Simba's under down flank!
In caring hands of Mum! 6,5 months.
Quiet sleep of the child))
Friends, do not pour water!))
Where he, there and I!
I will write ite to native cattery the letter! 5,5 months.
Though on the monitor the Daddy I will look!
The kid grows! 5 months.
Copies his father))
In the new house. 3,5 months.
New toy! A new plank bed!
The new daddy, the new house, mum a new and new family!
New nurses!!!
Boy is 1,5 months old.
He is in native home!
Allow to be on friendly terms!
Outstanding muzzle!!!)))))))))
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