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Jenabeau's Bluebelle

Mother - Snowcats Juna from Jenabeau

We have brought this beauty together with her sister Ljussil from Holland in March, 2007. She a daughter of our graduate huge Champ GOLDEN FAMILY and Holland beauty Snowcats Juna. More tenderly, more curiously and the hooligan at us yet was not kitties! Everything is necessary to her, always and everywhere!!! To our measures, she absolutely small kitty, a maximum, that we noticed in her weight - 6,5 kg, but color justifies all! Belochka has presented to us many outstanding kittens!!! And now it has left on rest and lives at very good people near to us, in the city of Krasnodar. Belochka has moved to the new house together with our Bjuti, they are very good life together!!!
Belochka is teased)) She has grown, she is 5 years old!
And language shows, how small)))
Birthday has been noted by hunting! 4 years.
Our predator hunted on a bird has sung!
Rather successfully!!!
However, wishing to take away a trophy was much!
The warm has stood out November in 2008!
The girl likes to take a walk, a breath of fresh air)))
Our girl has grown up! She is 2,5 years old on photos.
Pleasant completeness))
The girl experienced))
And on a paunch at her a stock of fatty adjournment)))
The heavenly beauty! She is 1 years and 2 months old on the photo.
The beauty dozes and has sweet dreams))
The blue charming woman!)) on a photo of 10 months old.
Fur coat at kity velour silk!
Eyes pure gold shine!
We shall not admire this kitty!
Ah! It is good!
And en face! And in a structure!
She is faultless!!!
Our clear head feels it and very much tries!
5/15/2006 of year in Holland kitty Snowcats Juna from Jenabeau has given birth to kittens.
Daddy of children our graduate the Champ.
The blue kitten curtailed into a lump in the foreground - our Belka (Jenabeau's Bluebelle).
And the white attractive face sleeping on a bum Fibers, is our Ljusja (Jenabeau's Lucille).
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