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The Addams Beauty

Mother - Smukorners' Delhia
Father - Carry Through's Shadowdancer Sam

Our charming heavenly kitty with white lassies is an ideal embodiment of one more big our dream: to have a cat of unusual colour! But this wonderful creation has subdued us also the amazing character! It is necessary to meet her eyes as she curves a back an arch, all will be fluffed up also by a gentle hand bell says the bewitching: "Moor-r-r-r-r-r!!!", as though speaking: "I all yours!" Beauty has executed the breeding program in our nursery, having left worthy successors of the genetic advantages, and has left on rest. She together with the girl-friend the Squirrel has lodged nearby to us in a wonderful family, in a cosy private small house with a court yard where girls will be frolics, to breathe fresh air, luxuriating on the sun and airing the magnificent fur coats! These two angels have deserved such paradise on the earth!!!  
Beauty all in children!)) She is 4,5 years old on the foto.
And children really live off her))
It is slept on a mum's fur coat softly and warmly))
Yes and mum of the child heat both from above, and from below))
Here so all were arranged conveniently!
And amicably all have fallen asleep sound sleep!))
The girl on walk. She is 3 years and 3 months old on the foto.
Kitty of heavenly beauty!
Gentle, as a cloudlet!
At her very rare colour: it is a lot of silver and not enough colour.
As though a white kitty have drawn a simple pencil.
Who saw her alive, could not remain indifferent to our seductress!
In foto Beauty is 2,5 years old!At her very correct proportional female head!
The kitty spreads, her bone is poured!
Gently snow!)))
Looking at a fur coat of the Beauty involuntarily you recollect O.Bendra's familiar expression: "You have deceived, she is a snow leopard!"
Our Belosnezhke executed 11, 5 months.
Her unearthly beauty was postponed on its tender character and the most gentle angelic voice!
Her face so is fine! It as though is drawn! The written Beauty!!!
The girl has grown!
In thoughtfulness...
Tail is special sight!
Baby has accustomed at us, grows and blossoms! She is 9,5 months old on foto.
Baby is pleases and admires for us!
Girl was fluffed up - the Snow leopard in a miniature!
More vividly and more playing kittens at us yet were not!!! Any business without her participation to not make! Any things to not leave in an accessible place for her - will steal in five seconds!
Female kitten has arrived in Moscow from Holland.
The kitty has a rest after long road. She is 3,5 months old Ón a photo .
In 2,5 months to the Beauty have told that she will go to live to Russia!
Beauty is in native houses in Holland. She is 2 months old on foto.
Beauty with brothers Aladin and Dunkan.
Babe dozes on a children's sofa. She is 3,5 months old on foto.
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