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Mother - Olive-Wood Arturia*ru
Father - Furor GOLDEN FAMILY

Our four Kittens-Coones, Jewel GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Gold GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Sunshine GOLDEN FAMILY, Respecta GOLDEN FAMILY, have left to Belarus, in cattery "Milacoon", in Svetlana and Sergey Chechko's big and amicable large family. Possessing tender and sociable characters Coones-kids have quickly got accustomed and have fascinated all family! We wish the world and well-being this hospitable house, and happiness and health to all living in it, to people and animals!!!
Respecta is 1 yars and 3 months old, she has very much grown!!!
Unearthly beauty! "Has put on" in fluffy the pigeon a cloudlet!
She very serious and sedate lady))
Time flies! The beauty has very much grown!
On a new place our clear head searches for a place where more warmly))
... and as on kitchen where nourishingly feed)))
Ours down the baby gathers to Belarus)) She is 3,5 months old on the photo.
This well-fad child who always is to be embraced)))
The sweet babe is 1 month and 3 weeks old.
She not simply fluffy fur ball, she the clever playful little kid.))
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