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Mother - Beauty-Dream GOLDEN FAMILY
Father - Furor GOLDEN FAMILY

Our four Kittens-Coones, Jewel GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Gold GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Sunshine GOLDEN FAMILY, Respecta GOLDEN FAMILY, have left to Belarus, in cattery "Milacoon", in Svetlana and Sergey Chechko's big and amicable large family. Possessing tender and sociable characters Coones-kids have quickly got accustomed and have fascinated all family! We wish the world and well-being this hospitable house, and happiness and health to all living in it, to people and animals!!!
This experienced terrible person is 1 year and 9 months old!
But all I know that its appearance is deceptive, she is tender, as a cat))
She is not persuasive, our girl with self-respect!
Thanks to mind, she has found the approach to all in a new family))
This green-eyed beauty is very wise and artful))
Thus, having kept the independence))
Gentle kiss she has won the heart of a dog!
And to a cat not to leave from her kisses)))
And in an extension the kitty tries from all forces!
Beauty not to take away eyes)))
Here, and on a set she the professional!
Want in a profile? Please!
Want en face? Please!
And even she has eclipsed a seal the beauty))
She is 5,5 months old, and li Beauty has blossomed as a May rose!)))
Our girl has started to change clothes in a teenage fur coat))
The charming woman!!! She is 4 months old.
She the strong well-fad child))
Baby grows, likes to attempt and play about. She is 2 months and 3 weeks old on the photo.
She is faultless! Nefertiti!
Babe was born in color favourite by us, clever and awfully charming! She is 1 month and 3 weeks old on a photo.
She charm!)))
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