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Mother - Beauty-Dream GOLDEN FAMILY
Father - Furor GOLDEN FAMILY

Our four Kittens-Coones, Jewel GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Gold GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Sunshine GOLDEN FAMILY, Respecta GOLDEN FAMILY, have left to Belarus, in cattery "Milacoon", in Svetlana and Sergey Chechko's big and amicable large family. Possessing tender and sociable characters Coones-kids have quickly got accustomed and have fascinated all family! We wish the world and well-being this hospitable house, and happiness and health to all living in it, to people and animals!!!
The gold wool and mane of Goldi has very much matured in the 1 year and 9 months))
We are able to be very serious))
Not cats, and gold! At the left Bim, on the right Goldi.
Two sisters luxuriate on the sun))
And here the babe has grown up and has put on!
Golden down pillow))
Gold Caress has subdued the friendliness the new mistress!
She is possible would be desirable to squeeze how many))
Girl has approached to photosession seriously, and has proved to be from different directions))
She has allowed to photograph the refined profile))
And then has given a foreshortening from above to show the magnificent mazle box!
She has shown the hunting for a mouse))
Then she has shown courageous indifference to a dog)))
And even has got into a shot to Bhim)) She everywhere was in time!
And it is her first day in Belarus, the first acquaintance to the native)))
Goldy has felt depressed: it is her last day in a native home. She is 7 months old on a photo.
In 5,5 months Goldi began to put on, captivating gold of the fur coat)))
Realising the originality she became coquettish))
And here Goldi was executed 4 months old!
She is more and more similar to the beauty-mummy in the childhood))
Gold kitty is 2 months and 3 weeks old.
Her well-fad little body rushes on all house, she everywhere should be in time))
The gold Baby is 1 month and 3 weeks old.
She the restless, curious child))
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