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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Our four Kittens-Coones, Jewel GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Gold GOLDEN FAMILY, Lady-Sunshine GOLDEN FAMILY, Respecta GOLDEN FAMILY, have left to Belarus, in cattery "Milacoon", in Svetlana and Sergey Chechko's big and amicable large family. Possessing tender and sociable characters Coones-kids have quickly got accustomed and have fascinated all family! We wish the world and well-being this hospitable house, and happiness and health to all living in it, to people and animals!!!
The seal has grown up, he is 1 year and 9 months old on foto.
The cat became the husband))
Sweet couple))
Love cannot be ordered))
Plank bed spacious)))
... and it all mine!
Hey, there, silence!
The barin rests!))
Under Archimedes law, after a tasty dinner...
... it is necessary to have a sleep!!!
It is sweet it is slept lying on a back!))
"And what for Coons to stretch?"
Pull upwards or downwards, all the same I will not grow faster!
Bhim has dexterously made friends with the mistress!
And thanks to the tender character became the favourite!)))
Here photosession! But in a shot Goldi climbs))
In the second shot Sanja was attached! There is no rescue from sisters!
At last, I am a King, one in a shot, in a profile, as if Pharaoh!))
The first sorties on the new earth))
It is necessary to smell air))
It is necessary to examine territory))
Bhim is 9 months old and he are last day in a native home.
And for the next day he with three female cats will go to Belarus...
In 5,5 months Bhim has reserved the Belarus Coon's cattery.
The cat has very correct head and powerful skeleton!
The kid with good appetite and well grows. On a photo he is 5 months old.
Also he becomes more beautiful!!!
The wool of the kid began to get a warm golden shade. On a photo he is 4 months old.
And at Bhim delightful accurate marble drawing.))
Bhim was born very beautiful and clever! he is 2,5 months old on foto.
He grew the strong, healthy, playful boy!
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