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Platinum Arturia*RU

Mother - Impala Krasnyi Dar*RU
Father - Love Hulen's Country Joe

In 6 months good appetite has made a cat similar to the thick penguin! In a year the cat has collected 10,5 kg!!! The good size, but he continues to eat and grow well! Here what remarkable this wonderful child!!! Now the seal is quite happy! He on the deserved rest, on pension! He conducts a full measured life in the house of our generous friends in the company our 6 kunov-graduates and kunov-pensioners in Krasnodar!!!)))
Last photos of Mamaja in our house, soon he moves in one nice place... On the photo he is 6 years old.
For now our impressive well-fad Mamajchik sleeps a quiet sleep!
Our boy almost adult. To him (on a photo) 4 years and 4 months. He is sterilized.
His Majesty have a rest at chimney hours.
Tic-tac! Tic-tac! Have lulled hours of a cat)))
And behind a window Spring! Birdies sing!!!
Seal the teenager. On a photo: 3 years and 2 months the Eunuch.
Having returned from Moscow, we have not learnt our Boy! Photosession from 20.02.10
We tear up claws, we blink eyes!
Have fattened the cat!!! Fur ball on legs with a tail!
The strict supervisor!
Gale, however!
Cat - a giant!
The tiger prepares for a jump...
With such you will not joke!))
We show power of "box" in a profile!
The February sun has warmed a stone. Ah! Good!
The boy poses with pleasure!
On the third year of a life to a seal is WHAT to show!
Handsome man the man!
The boy frolics and has rushed gallop!
Our wonderful chubby child! He is 1 year old!
Chubby not only a cat, but also his tail!
We practise in bodybuilding))
Oh, now I will drop! Either a cat I will not keep, or my eyes will drop out of orbits))
We swing all muscles!
And even for man's force this burden not under force!))
The spoilt child!
He is beautiful from any side!!!
We study to pose!
Well! It turns out, as at present true adult Coon-cat!
"Disgusting a duck"! He is 8 month old.
Kid very much tries, he knows, that him photograph!
Hunter! 7 months old.
Boy is "Penguin", guess, why?
Chicken of Tobacco! Boy is 6 months old.
Heat! And a floor cool!
Dish of day: " Coon in own to fur ". 5 months old.
Coon's dream in a dish is sweet and deep!
We master yoga, a pose of "Frog". Kitten is 2 months old.
The kid - a small tiger!
The first meeting with a toy!Kitten is 1 month old.
Top-top, the kid stamps!
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