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Father - Furor GOLDEN FAMILY

Antonio was born is more tremendous the beautiful!!! But with very delicate and wise character! He for what did not wish to leave a native home!))) And when there came people to choose kittens, he hid and refused to show all delightful qualities and advantages! So he remained with us.)) We have tasted it in breeding work and remained are happy with his posterity! But as in our cattery we are not planned to use any more silvery colours in the breeding program, we sterilised Antonio. And now he has found the new house in Krasnodar in which has kept the company to our graduate Amazonka)))
Antonio became the daddy twice! From him two dung of magnificent kiddies was born!!! On a photo he is 7,5 months old.
Antonio is the male cat of heavenly beauty and refined manners!
He has magnificent, gentle, as a cloud, a fur coat, despite presence on silver in his color!
At him an ideal profile!
And strong to become of Coons!
Long powerful paws and massive body! A handsome cat!!!
To this charming teenager 4,5 months.
He well eats and well grows!))
To the boy already there is a charisma of Coones!)))
One more pride - very long tail!)))
On a photo our pink air cloud kid is 2 months old.
And being absolutely the baby, at him already royal to become! Blue blood, however!)))
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