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Mother - Gloria GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

This solar bright celebratory Coon - the son of ours of Gloria and Mamaj. He has inherited all the best from ancestors and it has turned out more abruptly all of them!!!))))) We have tried to work with his data and have turned out outstanding posterity, with the divine help, certainly!))) The cst large with powerful skeleton and a correct ex-terrier, in a magnificent fur coat, with present Coones charisma! In 1 year the seal weighed 11 kg, we think, it not a limit for him!))) But to us has arrived new Coon, our grandson and they not could is got on. Therefore now Goodwin lives in Krasnodar where his new owners rejoice to the happiness!!!
Our handsome man was untied and at once became the experienced male! On the photo he is 1 year and 9 months old.
Our Goodwin has appeared the remarkable manufacturer, but he has not got on with a young seal, and consequently replaited white bread in other house.
In the new house he "has spread wings" and, according to the new mistress, has grown fat)))
It is last photosession in a native home. We very much miss, but we know that so it is better for our cat!))
Our young rake is 1 year and 7,5 months old.
He was extended, distributed in breadth, poured, in general, the man in own juice!!!))
He is bright and charismatic Coon-boy!
Boy has a correct beautiful head!
To our kid is 1 year old! He the clever and nice boy!!!
The boy grows, reaches manhood!
To our young man is 9,5 months old.
The cat grows, develops))
He has put on in a magnificent teenage fur coat!
The children's cradle became small))
And still the most delightful at a cat - his TAIL!!!
And would be more true to tell, this magnificent tail has a worthy cat!)))))
To sleep conveniently in any pose)) He is 7 months old on the photo.
If not stir the paparazzi))
Have conscience, well allow to have a sleep!
I wish to look through the class dream...
Our sweet boy is 3,5 months old.
He is very clever and sharp child!)))
Intelligence on the face!
Really, an outstanding tail!
And still charming feature at the kid - he very much likes to talk)))
Claws we sharpen in the put place.
The exemplary pupil!))
Singing lesson. We will sing a note "Lya"!
The back is wider than a head twice a head)))
The favourite toy of the child is a tail)))
Kid is 2 months & 1 week old.
The sweet child)))))))
Itself and has eaten!!!
But is received to lick lips only)))
M-m-m!!! It is tasty!!!
It is impossible to come off!
Attractive face for kisses!)))
The solar child!
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