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Kiss of Klariss GOLDEN FAMILY

Mother - Olive-Wood Arturia*ru
Father - Furor GOLDEN FAMILY

Huba-Buba, our Red-Sun, has left to live in the house of our old and kind Friends, in small house young Moscow cattery "Wild Look", CFA! But she has moved not in loneliness, in company Klariss, our Foggy Riddle - восхитительной дымной черепашки! They have quickly accustomed and have made friends not only with all home-people, but pupils: couple Coones, children of our graduates, and with intriguing Chinchilla! To pupils has carried, they managed loving and careful, responsible and generous owners! And to new owners has carried - to them two more charming beauties-kunochki, clever, tender, sociable, very large, magnificent young kuno-kitties have come to the house, and have filled with happiness and a cosiness all house!!
Our Foggy Riddle has grown up, she is 8 months old (on foto), and her began to take on walk in park too!!!)))))))
Klariss perfectly relaxed on the nature while its moustached friends trained in an extension!)))
She enjoyed an aroma of flowers!
She luxuriated on a silky grass!
She was heated on a warm pebble!
But it only outwardly! Imperceptibly for all she attentively observed of all!!! She the born security officer!))
Her has not escaped, as Polinochka measured a cat, and what Ase long!!!
Her sharp-sighted sight has measured in accuracy to centimetre length of a body of Huby-Buby!
From Her acute eyesight the gentle love oа the Owner to Base has not taken cover also!
And She has shed a few tears, observing as Mum gently consoles the stretched cat Ase!
Right after Great Resettlement!!! We render habitable the new house!)) Klariss is 7,5 months old on the foto.
We sleep off after the journey!))
Klariss at once has found the approach to a kitten-kitty by name of Kristal (she is blue smoke tortie) also has made friends with her.)))
When have taken away her favourite Kristal in the new house, Klariss week called her, dragged to a toy door, but she has not come(((.
And Huba-Buba has there and then received protection of the King!
Only cautious Chinchilla while keeps aloof from new predators in the house))
The Babe, the big fan to eat, and consequently she the main habitue at a bowl!)) She is 4,5 months old on the foto.
Therefore taking her in hands, you understand, you have a thing!!!)))
To us 2 months and 1 week, but photographing still and do not bring pleasure to the babe. ((
But the baby - charm, and would be desirable her to smother with caresses!))
Our fluffy lump is 1 month and 3 weeks old.
And the babe in any way will not understand that for horror - flash blinds it, the rattle frightens, people fuss!!! To terribly little girl! ((
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