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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Huba-Buba, our Red-Sun, has left to live in the house of our old and kind Friends, in small house young Moscow cattery "Wild Look", CFA! But she has moved not in loneliness, in company Klariss, our Foggy Riddle - beautiful smoke tortie! They have quickly accustomed and have made friends not only with all home-people, but pupils: couple Coones, children of our graduates, and with intriguing Chinchilla! To pupils has carried, they managed loving and careful, responsible and generous owners! And to new owners has carried - to them two more charming beauties-kunochki, clever, tender, sociable, very large, magnificent young kuno-kitties have come to the house, and have filled with happiness and a cosiness all house!!!
The Beauty is 10 months old and again walk in park!!!
- To me has more carried! Me together did not stretch!!!
But mum has fondled a cat!)))
And to death has smothered with caresses the Pussycat!!!
The first walk in park! The Red-Sun is 10 months old on the foto.
The fear novel is easier for worrying together!))
Enquiring look on the owners: what for I here? After all houses are quieter!
Excitement causes heavy breath, and the look calls home. ((it is final, for the first time walk does not bring pleasure, but then...)))
... Having accustomed a cat as the Great Hunter, understands all charm of walk on the nature!!!)))
Here again all professional qualities of the hunter are shown instantly!!!
Here, any worm potters in the earth! To us he is not tasty and uninteresting.(((
And here the blade dances not to a wind!
- And it who? The Frog-poprygushka! And it is terrible and curious! No, I am better from shelter I will see!!!)))
- But where all mine?
- A-u-u-u!!! I was lost! Where you??? Where??? - Alas! Me have forgotten!!!((((
- Ah! Here you where! Behind a bush have taken cover! But I forgive you, I am glad to you!!! Have more soon gone home!)))
Huba with the girl-friend has moved to Moscow! We render habitable the new house. A dream in a bath.)) She is 10 months old on the foto.
Wise Klariss prefers to live on kitchen - more close to meal!)))
Huba has found to itself the patron in the name of a cat Ase, by the way, our "grandson"!
With him she felt in perfect security, though all in the same bath.))
Klariss has found at once the approach to a kitten-kitty by name of Kristal (blue smoke tortie) also has made friends with her.)))
Only quivering Chinchilla do not agree to be on friendly terms with new settlers yet!))
The Clearly Sun has grown up and began to look more easy at photographing process. She is 3 months old on the foto.
Here is how safely we attack the game mouse!))
The small beauty is2,5 months old.
And flash of a camera very much strains her. ((
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