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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

Small girl was born and grew very active and unsociable kid, and as well as we, about what not suspecting. To her it was executed three months and we did the next photosession. Looking through photos, we have suddenly seen, what kity - the beauty! It is the standard beauty for Coones! Disputes was not: we have told to the girl, that she remains with us! You will not believe! Her as have changed: she began to sleep at the keyboard when the computer works, she began to elicit tasty meal from our plates, she began to sleep with us! She became - to ours!!! She honesty worked for us in cattery as breeder-cat of 5 years and 9 months, thus being the motherhood standard, fanatically caring of the and another's children. And here time has come, we have sent a cat on the deserved rest, having found her a cosy family for happy and comfortable pension. Now she lives with our Ghitte in the Krymsk-city of Krasnodar territory, in the house at people, able to love and cares.)))
Our Gloria has grown, became experienced!)) She is 5 years and 4 months old on the foto. It, alas, her last summer in a native home, on January, 04th 2013 she has left from us!((
The queen of mountain!))) From above it is visible to her of all!!!))
She observes the last litter.
Will escape nothing vigilant Mum!)) She always was magnificent mother!!! It is very a pity to us that it is necessary to leave!((((
Our Madonna became the Prima donna!)) She is 2 years and 10 months oold on the foto.
Her Highness have a rest in an easy sleepiness!)))
Ah, has lain too long!)) it would be necessary to be kneaded!)))
Here so were pulled!)))
Maturing cat is very large female Coons-cat!!!)))))))))
In dormant periods when she does not feed kittens, her weight reaches to 8 kg!!!)))))) you take in hands, you have a thing!!!))))))
During photosession our Girl has let know what to be photographed she does not love categorically! ((( She is 8 months old on the foto.
But it does not beg her advantages!!!
She is the Child, loving to play pranks, grows and blossoms. She is 3 months old on the foto.
The Nature-Mother has skilfully drawn this Miracle!)))
The Small Madonna has lips and nose and eyes are led round by a black pencil both! The cosmetics is not necessary to her!))
She is the live, inquisitive and self-sufficient child!!!
The girl is a picture!))) She is 2 months old on the foto .
At her the most gentle voice! It so high what to sing these notes it is impossible)))
ur smoky babe is 1 months old. She learns the world!))
The Babe charm!
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