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Farrago Farm Ghitte

Mother - Farrago Farm Pepper
Father - Bas van de Waddenkatten

Our lovly girl has arrived to us from Holland. Her unusual smart fur coat stifies to it: dense, soft, fluffy! The girl the first time very much was afraid of hands, as well as all import animals who had limited dialogue with people an open-air cage or a separate room. And when she began to live in ours Coones to flight together with people she began to struggle for championship to be favourite by the people. This our achievement! Ghitte when does not feed children, weigh 7 kg! In 2013 we have been compelled to remove our favourite kitty from breeding work. Now she rejoices the deserved pension to Novorossisk. In our nursery remains two her daughters. We with gratitude remember our remarkable the worker and very much we miss on her! One more legendary breeding cat of our cattery has left!!!
Our solar and bright Beauty became adult!))) on a photo to her 7 years and 3,5 months. In 2013 she is laid off and now rejoices the deserved pension to Novorossisk.
This mature female cat has classical character for Coones.))
She is gentle and tender with people, but is delicately strict with fellow tribesmen.
Ghitte have generated regular childbirth in a magnificent powerful cat of the average size on our representations about Coones.
She ideal mum and the, and another's kittens.)))
And, as the mature cat, she does not lose a sound consistence of the body, even when feeds kiddies!!!)))
always amuses the rich mimicry!
She has kept cheerful children's customs, and often cheerfully plays the fool, raising us mood)))
Our prankish safely combines in itself youthful cheerfulness with severity of the adult!
She does not suffer familiarity!
She does not love familiarity!
But she is quivering in dialogue with the person!
Her stately grace admires!)))
Her eccentricities do not irritate, but touch!))
Her poses are full of an aesthetics!))))
Isn't that so, her smile is lovely?))
Greatness of the goddess! Yes, it is Nifertiti among cats!!!
Sphinx on a bed!)))
Ghitte is 5 years old, and she has taken part in hunting for female quails.
However, the silly bird at first has frightened all! Who expected, what from fear she will fly?! (((
Does not tempt appetite! Really the such eat???
The meal should be caught???
Is better I will look, as it will be eaten with others!
No! Even I will not begin to look! A show No! Even I will not not from the pleasant!!!
Suppression of the cleared up sonny! Ghitte is 4 years and 9 months old on foto.
Mum does not joke!!!
Ghitte grows up! She is 3,5 years old on a photo .
And though a head still children's, Ghitte is the woman in a body!)))
And the form of a head at us ideal!))
Walk in November!))
All is interesting!!! Here birdies have played!))
In a grass the bug digs!!!)))
Childbirth though and not the first, nevertheless support will not prevent! Ghitte is 3 years old on a photo.
Careful Bagira too is pregnant!))
As their mutual understanding is touching!!!
Here, true display of Coon's family way!
Our beauty Ghitte is 2 years & 7 months old.
The hunter!!!)))))
Urrrraaaaa!!! One-year-old Ghitta has presented to us the two first-borns!!!)))))))))
Kitty Ghitta though also young, but very responsible mummy!))
She has independently given birth and perfectly looks after both itself and for children!!!
Her strong natural parent instinct was showed at once!))
Happy ideal mummy!!!
The kitty matures! She is 11 months old and she is going to become mum for the first time!)))
Six-monthly Ghitta in Russia!!!)))The face of our new beauty is picturesquely expressively!!!)
Colour of a wool of the girl of a tremendous warm golden shade!))
The life in human bed became paradise for Ghitte!
Ghitte with sister Kvinen already at us in Russia.
Small Ghitte is 2 months old on the photo in the patrimonial house.
On the native land. Our beauty on the left side.
Ghitte since the childhood did not like to be photographed! She is 1,5 months old on the photo. Ghitte on the left side.
Sweet children! Our baby Ghitte is on the left side. She is 1,5 months old on the foto.
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