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Mother - Jenifer GOLDEN FAMILY
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Ev, well matched to the name, possesses amazing first-born beauty natural Mejn-kunov!!! Her beautiful and correct face - the standard thoroughbred ! And it, without superfluous modesty, our merit!!! For many long years works we have achieved constantly giving rise "the face of cattery" - the face who was peculiar Coons at the time of a recognition Main-coons as breeds; with the face created by the Nature, with the face of a wild animal, clever, instead of malicious with what now we see all new-type-coons; with the face without signs of constantly varying fashion! Eve, as well as her mother, rare, so colouring strongly favourite by us CALICO!!!)) At her celebratory, elegant, solar, carnival's the dress! But Eve in more magnificent, shaggier, brighter fur coat is dressed! And we too consider it as the merit!)))) Eve - the great-granddaughter of ours shell-silver Beauty (The Addams Beauty, a date of birth of 7/31/2005), brought by us from Holland 9 years ago, and become foundress of this our line. Pleases that the great-granddaughter has improved pedigree qualities of the great-grandmother, certainly is not independent, and thanks to our competent selection of primogenitors in this branch. Eve - our pride!!!!!!! By the way! It is magic! Eve was born in birthday of great-grandmother Beauty!!!))) 17.01.15 Eve has moved to live to Krasnodar. We hope, she will be happy and will bring a lot of pleasure to the new owners!!!)))
To our Beauty year, and to her as big, free walks on our garden are resolved now was executed!)))
Our girl is 6 months old on the photos.
Our Kitty is 4 months and 1 week old at this photosession.
Photographing is dated for four months old to our Beauty.
On these a photo to our Babe 2 months and 10 days from a birth.
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