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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Kandy - was Victor's favourite kitten from this litter, she was born very wise and not on- judicious and very large kitty. Has left Kandy for Vologda, in family of a newly-married couple with the one-year-old child. The kitty so has easily entered into the house as native, and has found the place in heart of each member of family! However, the Beauty?!
Keny became true "wild" Coones! She is 1 years and 4 months old.
Though on daddy Pash to her is quieter))
Houses Keny tender and...
...close nurse for the child...
... And the patient nurse for kittens...
The strict control over kids!
And here in the street all is alien!
At top it is more safe!
On the ground it is necessary to hold an ear sharply!
The main thing to merge with the nature - natural protection!
And houses Keny is the main mistress praid!
The strict peace officer!
has a little grown, she is 6,5 months old.
The fur coat of Kandy only the beginnings was fluffed up.
Eyes enormous, as two stars!
She already understands all, speaks not all!
Solar baths is perfectly!
To the girl 5,5 months, the computer is time to master!
And in a bowl we not only eat, we in it live!
And to the human child of a toy the best have hung up!
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