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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

Gella - very bright and individual kitty, it{she} has subdued the owners the bright beauty! Its{her} owners, Oleg and Maria from Sochi, already were the owner of our cat Richy (Rainbow Arturia*RU) when have decided to take to it{him} pair and to create nursery. We congratulate guys on formationof new cattery in system FIFe " GreatCoon*RU "! We wish good luck and success!
Gella has a little grown! She is 6 months old.
She not in delight from the extension!
The girl grows and blossoms! 3 months.
Serious sight of strict Lady!
The girl is 2 months old, and she already poses!
Well than not photo-model?
Very strict sight for baby of 2 months old!
Air-solar baths weaken!
The girl is 1 month old.
Sweet Baby!
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