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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Olga and Sergey waited for Kid James almost a floor of year! They dreamed him till his birth and conception! He is the desired child - and he pays in the answer in the big love and pleases owners with the ingenuity and an ingenuity!
At whom the eye is more artful?James is 10 months old.
Cat shaggy, but dissatisfied
James is 8 months old.
He became very similar to daddy Tigrushu.
Boy is 6 months old.
And here what he long!
Ura!!! Mum bakes a pie at date of a birth!
And a candle too tasty!
Oh, as it is tasty!
And me?
The best your gift is Coon-beby!
However, long Coon-boy in 4 months?
Has burned down on work!
Allow to taste!
When my chicken will cook?
The meal prepares longer, than it eat!
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