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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

hocolate and Olga (Volgograd) is a mutual and passionate love at first sight! -the girl cannot without the mistress is lived also minutes: she follows on heels, sleeps in that room where Olga is, and not waking up almost creeps in other room to sleep there where favourite mum has left. But special in her that she - a copy of the Puma, the aunt on father Tigrushe. Not only external similarity amazes, but also habits: she as kisses in sponges!
Shoko makes by such "loud" eyes that all thought, that she is adult! She is 9 months old!
But she really large! And such beautiful!!!
To beauty Shoko of 8,5 months.
Choko - a copy the Puma, only in a youth.
In Moscow on "COMMONWEALTH" in ring MFA from 59 juniors 5 it has been nominated, and among them was Choko - a honourable II place!!!
In Volgograd 09.09.07 in open Championship " the Bottom Volga region " Choko became "The BEST KITTEN - 2007".
Baby is 5,5 months old and she has put on in a smart teenage fur coat!
And mum Olga shows what her long favourite!
Choko - the Puma 2, whether you saw eyes more beautifully?!
It is curious, how it is water a song sings?
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