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Mother - Jenabeau's Lucille
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

LiaLia has arrived to Samara in the house to George and Olga at which already there lived-lived the Peach and the Lynx. Baby has entered into family, as native! And as soon as has a little grown - has started to win at exhibitions! Success, titles and victories!!!
Lialia is 2 years old, and she became mum the first children!)))))
Lialia is 1 year old and she have a title of the Champion!!!
The first Cats-Show and Best of Juniors!
Expert from Ljalka is fascinated!
Deep dream after a ring!
Sight of a young lioness! 7 months.
Christmas celebratory song!
Christmas Tail and his mistress Ljalka!
Christmas cats-rebuses!
Christmas cats-gifts!
LiaLia has matured, she is of 6 months old.
Has fluffed up a tail!
Sacred three!
Sweet couple!
LiaLia - the girl playful!
Were pulled! It is warm-up even for ears!
Now I shall yawn!
LiaLia has arrived to Samara in the rendered habitable house the Peach and Lynces! She is 4 months old.
Salutatory dance of the Peach and LiaLia!
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