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Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

And this Baby has left to our friends for Samara! Olga has given a gift at date of the Birth to George - the fourth Maine-Coon! Her have named Mice! But she it is far not the mouse grey! She is the outstanding personality, the tender and sociable girl also has already subdued all family generous and loveful Coons-Home in Samara!
Happy birthday, Mysha! Since 4th years!!!
She has grown and has turned to the present wild beauty!
Its strict customs have allowed it to become the leader of pride!
And her present Coon's beauty has made Her winner and the nominee at Cat's Shows!
But most of all She has pleased the owners becoming mum!
She has always beautiful children! So and her son Jupiter has returned to us, to parental cattery of his parents!!!
Mum Mysha & son Upiter.
Owner & Mysha.
Mysha has grown big girl! She is 2 years old.
Mysha is true a Coon's beauty!))))
The mouse the remarkable nurse!
Gentle and close!
Blue Dream! Mysha is 10,5 months old.
Mysha has put on in luxury of silk!
The girl not only very large, but also fantastically beautiful!
Colors of the blue sky with a tail, as a fan!
Here such sweet the заинька-good child!
Beauty unearthly! Heavenly beauty!
And again the Victory over an exhibition in Samara 22-23.03.08!
At the Pole-expert on the table.
Myshara in Cat's Show in Samara 22-23.03.08.
Mouse! Well very huge! She is only 5 months old!
Lethal beauty!
She is very characteristic kitty! She brings up all senior cats!
Mouse always on the check!
Baby Mysh is 3 months old.
In the native house baby we called "Mazdaika"!
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