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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Bravo Krasniy Dar*RU

Viva - the gentle divine, royal blood! Her aristocraticness in all and in a manner to keep, both in mind, and in high feeling own an exclusive! She the favourite of all cat's family and mistress Svetlana, but remains the kitty of our nursery, it is interesting to us to work with her!
The hunter is stolen!
On a summer residence it is healthy!
Viva is 10 months old, also are her first Cats-Show!
Kittens worry!
Last stroke in a hairdress!
And here the first examination - Ex2!
The second examination - Ex2! The Good beginning!
Flash for two days - Ex3 and CAC!
Viva has a little grown, she is 9 months old!
Here what fluffy and long!
Family of Coons! Viva is 8 months old.
Royal tail - the main accessory of princess!
Viva is 6 months old.
She knows, that she princess - blue blood!
Flash has liked Viva! Viva is 4,5 months old.
Intelligence on the face!
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