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Mother - Fluffy GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Graf(count) Monte-Kristo Krasniy Dar*RU

Herbert has been presented by loving Mum whom call Angelina, to the daughter, with very beautiful name: Mora Osorio Carolina, on Majority! Carolina has named cat Grisha. She very much is proud of the handsome cat-man-giant, and on a regular basis sends us photos when Grisha growing up.
The tender eyes, the loving Kid!Grisha is 8 months old.
Here what mane has released!
Intelligence on the face!
The kid with good appetite: as has increased a muzzle, a body and a tail!
Grisha is 6 months old.
Red mum, red cat, all white light became red!
Eyes are opened, but the Kid sleeps!
he window sill is small and narrowish for littel Grisha!
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