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Mother - The Addams Beauty
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

Goliath has appeared an embodiment of dream about for young family: Alexey, Svetlana and their daughter Masha! They have named him not on slavic - Frits, but the name suits a cat. But also Coones to Slavs more recently to live have moved... Pair a trochee were delighted to the new settler - cheerfully to live steel, and in three months to the house has arrived Kleopatra - the big family has turned out! It is even better to live steel: in the house the world yes love!!!
Goliath 10,5 months , the serious cat grows!
Emperor of all Russia! In any way it is less!
Tahiti, Tahiti! Us here again not badly feed!
My eyes would not see you!
Fox (Coon) and grapes (mouse artificial)!
House sun deck, from teenage spots!
And it is Empress, his wife!
Tsar, simply Tsar! 10 months old.
Kitchen cat. 7 months.
Sweet couple!
Kid is only 6 months old!
Masha hardly holds a kitten!
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