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Red-Giant Arturia*RU

Mother - The Addams Kimi
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

The handsome man a cat Lis became the second Coones in Julia's house, at her already a vein our graduate Tusja and an adult British cat! Children have easily made friends! At Tusja and Lis was the first kittens already were born! And on March, 7th and 8 this year Lis it was exposed in the city of Ekaterinburg at the Show-Cat's of system WCF, and has received two ! We trusted in this cat, and did not doubt of his perspectivity!!!
Why so the young mistress Masha is happy of Lis ?
Because Lis has received at the Show-Cat's first in a life two CAC! We are glad for you, Friends!!!
id very serious, he is 1 year old!
Recently he became the Daddy! He perfectly copes with this important role!
This handsome man is 8 months old!
He still grows, but also a sight, and a tail - the adult Coon's!
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